Guilty Force Free Public Demo Download page (ver. 0.11)

Guilty Force public demo downloads: always free.

Current free public version is 0.11
Current supported languages: English, Russian, Chinese (Traditional)


The word “Experimental” means that we consider that the game can run on this platform, but we didn’t have the ability to test all aspects of the game on that platform. Better ability to test Linux builds is coming soon. WINE may be a good alternative if the current Linux build doesn’t work.

Cheat: click 3 times on Caron's boobs.

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Changelog (ver. 0.11):
  1. Chinese (Traditional) localization (Early access-please proceed with caution! (currently only Traditional, but Simplified is in progress) )
  2. New grenades: sleeping gas, poison gas, smoke, flashbang, EMP. Also there is a new, non-lethal tool for enemy distraction - small stones. The ballistics and damage dealing mechanics for HE grenade was improved. These tools provide more options for a stealthy or non-lethal/pacifist walkthrough;
  3. Kira can grab and move bodies of stunned/dead enemies. She can also hide them in dark doorways to prevent detection; be aware! She moves slowly while dragging!
  4. There is a new separate slider in Settings menu for male voice volume in sex scenes. The frequency of male voice effects appearance in sex scenes was reduced by 30%;
  5. A bunch of different improvements in Stage 1 level design: more and better lit doorway locations, new terminals for hacking and disabling cameras, etc.;
  6. +25% sprint speed;
  7. -25% camera detection speed;
  8. Hacking mini-game can now also be controlled by W/S keys, too, making it more convenient to play